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craftivism / kraft-i-viz-um / n. an emerging trend in activism towards the betterment of society and the environment through craft.

craftivist / kraft-i-vist / n. you.

To be passionate about making and selling handmade goods is to be passionate about knowing the origin of your product. It means you have a level of awareness about your community and the consequences in your global community. Along with this awareness comes a conscience; and along with that conscience comes the drive towards change. The rise of hand craft directly coincides with the rise of craftivism, as the two are frequently woven together, be it through knitting circles who make scarves for area homeless shelters, by a crafter buying supplies locally as often as possible, or by an artist donating a portion of their profits to charity. Being so involved in promoting the art of the handmade craft, we at second storie are also committed to promoting craftivism.

During second storie} i heart handmade, we accepted monetary donations and donations of scraps of fabric. These will be reborn as small blankets for the many animals at lollypop farm and other area shelters. During second storie} indie market, we collected donations for ArtPeace, a local organization devoted to the integration of arts, recreation, technology, and entrepreneurship into our educational community by joining together local artists and creative professionals with young students.

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